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No. 9, Alley 13, Lane 178, Zhong'an St, Zhonghe District


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At MASSA our catering will get the food fast to you, avoid hassle and mess at your house or party.

When providing a catering service we always think of the customer first and create the best plan in which will provide that WOW factor at any event.


We love experimenting and creating dishes, we are constantly doing that at the restaurant and always streamline these talents when doing an event to create the highest quality and best service.

Our catering service can provide cuisine from all over the Mediterranean, whether you want to specialize in a certain cuisine or bring a mix of cuisines to bring a buzz to your events is up to you.


Here at MASSA we always put the customer first and create the best out of everything we do. 

The kind of events we can offer are vegetarian nights where we can include some of the ethics of our restaurant into creating a fantastic vegetarian menu, we also have a fantastic stone pizza oven for pizza nights this combined with our specialized baking skills mean that this event  would be unmissable, no need to call pizza hut, for meat lovers we can also do steak nights provided by our fantastic beef supplier.

Here at MASSA we have investment time and effort into making our food with the best equipment. We have great equipment for bring to events which means that depending on the event, the host wont have to provide anything. 

Partnerships created: 

AMP cafe
Taipei Mix






我們可以提供素食之夜這類的活動,將餐廳的一些道德風尚納入其中,創建出色的素食菜單。我們還為披薩之夜提供了夢幻般的石製披薩烤箱,再加上專業的烘烤技巧,這意味著該活動是您不可錯過的,您不再需要叫Pizza Hut了!對於肉類愛好者來說,我們也有牛排之夜,其牛排由出色的牛肉供應商所提供。



AMP cafe

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