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No. 4, Alley 5, Lane 152, Section 2, Minquan E Rd, Zhongshan District, Taipei City


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Our Restaurant


Here at MASSA Taiwan, we believe in a unique philosophy to food that we know is rarely found here in Taiwan.

As a Mediterranean restaurant specializing in the Middle Eastern area of the Mediterranean we know we are unique in this city and want to spread our heart and passion for cooking with the rest of Taipei.

We find by combining these three points we can create a fantastic environment for people to meet and enjoy fantastic food: 

Fresh Ingredients: By cooperating with hand picked local suppliers and creating a relationship we always make sure our ingredients are as a fresh as possible before serving them. By also having a schedule which routinely make sure we seek out any problems with fresh ingredients.

Obsession with perfection: The MASSA team is obsessed with food and cooking which was the reason for opening the restaurant. The idea was to create an environment where food can be enhanced to a level where every ingredient is savored. 

Simple recipes: Here at MASSA we believe simple food makes the best food. By combining the precious points of using fresh ingredients and our dedication to food, we use simple recipes which looks for perfection in every aspect of a dish 






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